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Review: Rishana Homes Ltd

UNBRIEFED BY BARNET, my baby and I were not given early enough critical urgent haematology stabilisation treatment for alleged Hereditary Spherocytosis and therefore, Rishana Staff went on to commit gross misconduct. I hope it paid the debt.

Reviewed by Leah M on 25/02/2024

Review: Thomas Marsh Estate Agent

I had a bad experience with Thomas Marsh estate agents in Grays. Been a customer for over 3 years. Was renting my flat and had a full management contract with "TM". First few years all was good apart that tenant missed a few payments and I had to find this out, "TM" didn't realized that. Last year of tenancy "TM" never inspected the property for over 8 months despite had to every 3 months and tenant subletted the property. I had to find this out myself, "TM" never new this. After informing them "TM" didn't do much to help me out. Been like they don't really care. Had to find all info myself. "TM" didn't answered my emails for days. Property was for sale, which was through the "TM". In the end I lost the buyer though all the paperwork was ready for completion. I also found a house for myself and was in a process of buying it and lost the house because of the subtenants not moving out. Had to hire a solicitor and begin an eviction process. Been dealing with subtenants myself all the time, negotiating for them to vacate my property. All I had from "TM", that they can't reach the subtenants. But I could. In the end I negotiated myself for them to vacate my property. In my opinion "TM" didn't do much, breached the contract. Never even sincerely apologized for all the situation. Will never use them again or recommend them to anyone. Thanks

Reviewed by Dalijus Karvovskis on 21/02/2024

Review: Paper & Pixel Creative

Their creativity and attention to detail exceeded my expectations, transforming my ideas into visually stunning assets. Timely delivery and a collaborative approach make them a go-to choice for impactful and engaging designs. If anyone want to boost their business, then go-to Marketing Expert UK

Reviewed by Stephan Alex on 01/01/2024

Review: Wests School of Motoring

Amazing Driving School, Phil was an incredible instructor, he was kind, calm, patient and overall great teacher. when I first came to him I was a horrible driver but Phil taught me the basics of driving and slowly built my confidence up. He taught me in a really nice and composed manner which really helped me out. He taught me all the manoeuvres perfectly, he taught me great discipline on different kinds of roads so when it came to my test I was confident in my driving abilities and I passed almost faultless. it was a real pleasure and joy to learn from such a great instructor and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for driving lessons

Reviewed by Deividas Simkus on 15/11/2023


This company should be blacklisted for scamming people

Reviewed by Abdullah Al-muhtadi on 28/02/2023

Review: Tecmarine Caribbean

Vijay us a fraudster. He will take your money and, if you are lucky, your container will arrive at the destination but you have to pay again at the port because he has not paid the shipping company and will abscond with your money.

Reviewed by Su Roberts on 25/07/2022

Review: Arin Garage Engine Rebuild Service Center

Been using for years very trustworthy garage

Reviewed by EmmA Alstrathan on 18/02/2021

Review: Arin Garage Ltd Engine Rebuild Service Cener

I have been using the garage for some time now always reliable and friendly.

Reviewed by Tom Nye on 15/02/2021